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Your program or classroom can become pen pals with

Ernie the Sock Monkey!

What’s more exciting than opening your mailbox and finding a REAL letter waiting for you? Not too much – especially if your pen pal is an adventurous sock monkey! If you are looking for a fun and exciting program to encourage your students to read and write letters, Ernie the Sock Monkey has just the program for you!

Dear Ernie… is a pen pal program where your students write monthly letters to Ernie the Sock Monkey! They can write individual letters or a group letter, and – of course – pictures are always welcomed! Ernie will write a group letter back to your classroom.

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the Sock Monkey

Welcome to my virtual home!

I hope you will enjoy your time visiting with me!
I'm a very fun sock monkey, and I love to go on adventures!

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Ernie's Special Summer Day

Ernie the Sock Monkey wakes up one morning, wondering what lies ahead. On this very special summer day, he goes to the beach, rides bicycles, meets a great big bear that loves to read, plays on playgrounds, visits a fair, and eats some yummy food! Most importantly, he makes many new friends. This joyful, cozy, and colorful photo picture book is for all ages of children - and their special adults - as you share this exciting tale from the perspective of a great storyteller... Ernie the Sock Monkey! You and your child will want to be friends with Ernie too, after spending this very fun and exciting day with him!

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